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KaliSpot ATM

Introducing KaliSpot

West & Central Africa’s First One-Stop private ATM network

For Consumers

Access your Bank and Mobile Money cash, 24/7, from a KaliSpot™ for withdrawal or deposit.

Enjoy KaliSpot's unique Financial Services features from the KaliSpot™ mobile app. 

For Mobile Money Operators

Expand your operations and coverage beyond traditional agent banking.

Give your customers 24/7 access to their funds through a network of automated machines.

For Fintechs & Neobanks

Create/extend your physical presence across the region by API-plugin your backend to KaliSpot™.

Plus, we extend your Customer eXperience and mobile app UI to our flagship ITMs (Interactive Teller Machines).

For Financial Institutions

Efficiently expand your footprint and coverage through our network of ATM/ITM locations.

Agency Banking is now at a reach in an OPEX financial model to  provide your customers Banking Class services plus interactive customer management.

About KaliSpot

We provide consumers access to their Bank, Mobile Money and Fintech services in a one-stop-shop network of KaliSpot™ locations.

KaliSpot™ is also Digital, providing users with an array of services on a mobile app that leverages on the 24/7 automated network we are rolling throughout West and Central Africa (WCA).

KaliSpot™ transforms the way financial services are accessed in WCA by bridging the gap between physical and digital financial ecosystems through FISPs™ (Financial Inclusive Service Point).


What is a FISP™ ?

We built KaliSpot™ around a trademarked concept we named FISP™ (Financial Inclusive Service Point).

Simply put : Whether you are a bank or mobile money customer (or both) ; the question to when, how and where to do your next transaction shouldn't be an issue. We are making it convenient and hassle-free.

Brought to you by Outsource Monetic Group

Outsource Monetic Group

Outsource Monetic Group is a US-based, Africa operating fintech founded by two seasoned Senegalese professionals who spent the last 20+ years working at major US multinationals throughout West and Central Africa.


Together with partners, the Fintech Startup is developing francophone West & Central Africa’s first independently operated ATM and ITM network on a phygital infrastructure allowing users of any bank, fintech, or mobile money service provider to have 24/7 access to their money along with additional value-added financial services through mobile app.

Our Pre-Seed Investor

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